Experience true sustainable living in our high performance tiny homes and retreats

We design and build quality, sustainable tiny homes

Experience true sustainable living in a compact space that keeps you warm and cozy in winter and cool and comfortable in the midsummer heat. With no draughts, mould or dust, SKR Eco Retreats enhances healthy living with a sense of purpose.

Our Eco Retreats will take on the principles of PASSIVE HOUSE: airtight, high performance glazing, thermally broken envelope, high quality insulation and a HRV system.

We are extremely passionate about PASSIVE HOUSE living, an innovative way to build. It will produce improved indoor air quality and lower utility costs.

SKR Eco Retreats offer two models to suit PASSIVE HOUSE standard in a tiny home. These are: Lifestyle and Reynella

Both models come in three varied lengths to suit your needs.

Let us educate you about the lifestyle choice it will create for your family with a superior comfort level. Less is more!

“Our purpose is to channel our energy and passion by building a sustainable tiny home that will function and perform off grid anywhere in this beautiful country we live in.”

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